If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your treatment we need to know.  Complaints are taken seriously and are responded to promptly and in confidence.  If you are unhappy about how you have been treated you may ask for the Practice Manager (who is also our Complaints Officer) to make contact with you or you can ask the Receptionist for a Complaint pack which will include our Complaints Process, a form to fill out together with the Consumers Rights leaflet published by the Health & Disability Services.

If you have any good ideas or suggestions about additional services or improvements we would love to hear from you.

You can write your ideas down and pop them into our Suggestions Box at the reception counter,  email them to:  or post them to Anne Rogers – Practice Manager, Southside Health, 10F Newnham Street, Rangiora 7400.

Everyone likes to hear if they’re doing well so if you have received particularly good service or a great experience from one of our staff or the surgery itself we’d certainly appreciate your feedback through the same contacts in the Suggestions paragraph above.

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